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Tnt Run MiniGame, Parkour at HUB

if ultra lets me build I can do a cool parkour!

4 months ago

Full mines price at rank Z

What is the point of prestiging at rank Z instantly, nothing, you must mine at mine Z until you get enough money to prestige and get back to Z, so I think that when you are mine Z, when you type /mines you shouldnt get this GUI but the GUI of the next prestige, so you can konw how much you need to get back up

6 months ago

Vote Parties

The money booster is just an idea, my suggestion is more of a reward for everyone if a vote goal is achieved

6 months ago

Daily Rewards

I just had an idea, it would make players join daily : daily rewards, you would type something like /daily and it would give you a random reward in a list, I think the list would be stuff like : money boosters, +5 fortune enchants (can go over limit!), +5 unbreak enchants (can go over limit!), +5 effeciency enchants (can go over limit!), +1 explosive enchant (cannot go over limit), cash (100k?), random keys, 100 tokens, [RARE] +1 rank, ([ULTRA RARE] +1 prestige, would be super OP but maybe with a tiny tiny tiny chance of getting it, like 0.05%, even though I think you guys will not put this in the list if my suggestion is accepted)

6 months ago


I think that the server should add /gems, this command would open the same GUI as the GUI you get when you right click a pickaxe, but when you want to buy an enchantment it would show up as a gem. To use this gem, you can just drag n' drop it on a pickaxe and it would add an enchantment level to it. This would also be cool for trading enchants between players

6 months ago