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Endgame mine

An area where there is a really good mine (idk contents yet, thats up to u) And there would be mobs there that are incredibly strong and have good loot drops like rare scrolls and tokens and leather armor so gear would be somewhat valuable. (You can only access this mine once you are mastery 10 or higher)

about 1 month ago

Riot Flare

A Riot Flare could be attained by opening excelsior keys and basically it gives players a means to start a riot so the owners dont have to :D

But it would be incredible rare.

about 1 month ago

What is your favorite part of Excelsior?

My favorite part is prison because its fun and has alot of features I don't see anywhere else :)

about 1 month ago

Suggestion for prison

@GoddessOfCookies what mastery mine? Can you please give me a command to see this mine?? Or is it a suggestion? xD

about 1 month ago


A simple command that lets you see the people with the highest masteries on the server.

about 1 month ago