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Daily Rewards

I would like to see a daily rewards feature as a player that plays daily but some of the stuff seems a bit too op so maybe make it like tokens or money and the more you go on and claim it the more tokens/money you get or like bombs or sell multipliers, Stuff like that should be in the daily rewards thing and other than that its a good suggestion.


14 days ago

Token Shop

token shop! ./tokenshop or something like that and basically you can buy stuff like fly perms and money using tokens. It wouldnt have rank upgrades or ranks ( maybe who knows you can decide owners that are reading this ) and basically if you have a rank you can get more options for buying stuff with tokens. 

14 days ago


title says it all please add maxmaster because im too lazy to type /master 20 times in a row

15 days ago

Token Shop

There should be a token shop that basically changes daily at like 8 pm EST or something idk but you can buy ranks and stuff using tokens and it can be a way to spend tokens other than saving up for key vault upgrades/pickaxe upgrade and can be a way to get rid of excess tokens in the economy as well as players such as myself waiting for someone do an irl deal for a rank upgrade and can be a QoL update as well.

15 days ago

Add Scrolls to autoexchange and /exchange

You should be able to exchange scrolls because me and other people with maxed pickaxe get these scrolls and all they do is clog up valuable inventory space and basically sit there with no use because we cant use them and you should make this an option in the /settings for the autoexchanger because it helps clean out inventory space because honestly scrolls are a waste of inventory space. plz add i beg


- noauthor ur least favorite player.

19 days ago