:scroll: RULES :scroll:

Discord and chat rules:
  1. Be kind and accepting, we will not allow any racism, sexism, or any offensive language
  2. Do not spam or use excessive caps lock.
  3. Do not DM staff about server issues unless asked to do so, use #deleted-channel and #suggestions.
  4. Do not tag the owners or staff, if something is very important, we regularly read #deleted-channel and #suggestions.
  5. Do not excessively tag people, tag them once and they will answer when they are willing and able to do so.
  6. Do not advertise other servers, websites, or services, this includes advertising in DMs.
  7. Do not continue messaging someone after they have asked you to stop.
  8. Do not threaten the server or any of its members and staff.
  9. Do not ask for OP.
  10. Do not scam people for real-life money, ranks, or anything with real-life value.
  11. Do not impersonate anyone.
  12. Do not make any references to suicide or other self-harm.
  13.  Do not ear rape or make other annoying sounds in any voice channels.
Minecraft server rules: 
  1. Do not grief unless the game mode permits it (e.g. Raiding in Factions).
  2. Do not break any of the chat rules, even on signs or using blocks.
  3. Do not excessively troll people, whether or not a troll is excessive is completely up to the staff team.
  4. Do not use any modifications or hacks, a list of exceptions to this rule is found in the allowed mods section.
  5. Do not have any of the banned items in the banned items list below, they banned to make the experience on the server better for everyone.
  6. Do not exploit any glitches, report them to a staff member as soon as possible.
  7. No profanity in any builds.
Allowed Mods: Banned Items: All of these rules are enforced at the discretion of the staff team, if you believe you have been punished unfairly, please appeal on the forums.